Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Lil' Foodie!

Dearest Elya,

Two months ago you tried peaches. Unfortunately, those pictures and video won't be available until mama (or ney-ney as you call me) finds her card, but until then, these 'nanner' pics will do. The first solid you ever tried was Peaches, and you loved them. Mama just boiled the peach, so it didn't have that flavor packed goodness, so next time i've learned to just smash a really ripe peach in your food mill.  Next we moved on to a banana and...


Mama found something you LOVE! Daddy loves it too! He loves to feed you because I've always been there for that since you were a newbie. 

The next solid was roasted carrots. I cut them into fries, and glazed them in olive oil. I put them into the oven at 350* and roasted them for 20 min. I love to get a slight black char on them, because it adds to the flavor. Roasted carrots are SO GOOD for you baby girl! Rich in beta-cartotene! 
I think you are on a path to being a super-duper baby eater :) 

Mama and Dada Love You!

Love Always,

*Today I'll be trying a leek and potato puree. I'll include the recipe and portions I fed her. 
I usually cut up a half banana and freeze 1/4 for her in a washcloth for her teething toys.  I feed her the other 1/4. You can also use a washcloth with apple sauce in the middle and place in freezer. I like to flatten the apple sauce side with the bottom of a cup so it flattens for easy biting.
These make for AWESOME chew toys for babies, because they can taste and eat the apple sauce/banana puree as it thaws.
(I will be making a tutorial for some cool ideas. Stay tuned.)

.::smiles & love::.