Thursday, January 26, 2012

Radiant Visions

Information about Photos:
Beaded Jaguar Head by Alexandro Carillo circa 2005. (Carved out wood to make the animal figure, then bees wax or pine resin is spread all around to create a sticky surface for the beads to lay on. Cool huh?)

A picture of the Huichol walking down a hill. They call themselves "The people". In their native language WixΓ‘rika, "WixΓ‘ritari" means "the people."

Huichol man painting his face prior to undergoing a peyote pilgrimage. Photo by Peter Collings, 1972.

Huichol wall painting

Huichol men and young man
(I love their colors!!!)

I have always been inspired by art. I am kind of conditioned to enjoy it due to my upbringing in a family of artists. All types of art have weaved in and out through out my life; beautiful ribbons of artistic value circulating around my soul, simply making up a part of who I truly am inside. I am an artist. I do not make tons of money.I make happiness. Happiness that resonates within' my heart and entire being.
I have been VERY intrigued by the beautiful art done by the Huichol Tribe. The pictures shown above are all those of the Huichol indigenous people that reside in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. They are known for their sacred art. The yarn paintings and the glass bead work all represent their visions from the peyote they take. All of the art they create through the images of corn, feathers, the eye of God, water, flowers, peyote, and the deer, represent their beliefs about life and death. It is said that the deer is a guide in their vision quest, and if they spot the deer then they are aware that the visions they are invited to see are sacred. I am in  love with how natural the whole process is from star to finish! Their art is just a rare form of beauty!!
I have been truly inspired by many different projects lately. I started dancing and rehearsing as a backup dancer with a couple of friends from FCC Dance. They are now with an awesome group called NoCo, (Fresno dance Collective). Follow their twitter here! :) If you live in the area, I highly recommend that you also see their performances done with other performers around Fresno. All of them are amazing! My body is so mad at me but happy at the same time because I jumped the train with a group of very talented dancers who have never stopped dancing. Ugh!! Why did I have to stop for those couple of years?!?!? I feel like I have been repeating myself over and over again, telling people that "I have not danced for three years!" Then I laugh and look away....awkward!!! I do admit that I am surprised at how quick my body can adjust :) Thank god for video too. Thank you dancers!  But honestly, everyone is super nice and easy going. I really dig the atmosphere and energy from everyone!!! And not to mention seeing my good friend Eleanor every Monday is really making me feel an old peace. Remember that old friends always stay true!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Glint Shop

(MissVan & Anaoana)

(Salty Milk)


My favorite artist in the whole entire world; Vanessa, a.k.a (Miss Van), has teamed up with Anaoana to create this majestic line of clothing. The pictures above of the Oddities Collection are the garments by Miss van and Anaoana. You can click on this link to enter a totally rad website, where you probably would want to pull out your $$$ and buy something right away. Or you can be the total opposite and hate everything, then I would have to feel sorry for you...

I had an awesome day of sleep with our little bunny today and my lover. When we woke up I went to the grocery to buy some juice for Elya's apple sauce. I'll have to include a post with the recipe! :)
When  I was on my way , I couldn't resist my impulse and had to stop at the thrift store in the same parking lot.
I found an amazing black velvet jumpsuit/overall piece that has sea shell buttons that hold the straps.
It made me all giddy inside...hehe

Peace Always!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Grimes - Vanessa (Arbutus/Hippos and Tanks 2011)
Director + concept: Grimes
Director of Photography: John Londono
Styling: Marilis Cardinal
Ally MacKinnon
Ashley Obscura
Caroline Dutka
Claire Boucher
Emily Kai Bock
Jane Penny
Marilis Cardinal
Ming Lin
Miriam Gallou

I am completely and utterly obsessed. I would love to choreograph a piece to this song!

Monday, January 9, 2012

rainbow warrior

On Saturday I had another shoot with Danielle Lacey! It was really amazing.
Dani ad I were not too sure how it was going to turn out in the beginning, but her ideas blossomed into something incredible. I've been saying I channeled my inner child during this shoot, and it really helped when I saw the kids playing around. I had to ask a twelve year old for his walking stick. Didn't the picture turn out amazing!??!
Also, being super laid back I didn't mind the tree kissing my legs.
I have a pretty sick battle wound, and i'm proud if it!



P.S Please check out more of  Dani's work HERE!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

photo diary 1

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Today was awesome. I had another shoot with Danielle Lacey, and channeled my inner child. I'll go to any extreme! Let me just put it that way. Maybe that is why I am the black sheep of my family???
 I also felt like I was slipping back into a trip at one point...
Being touched by the earth makes me want to run away into the wind and breathe in the deep essence of life's spirit. Yeah, my leg was a little bloody, but I didn't mind. Too bad I didn't have the fake blood and fangs, because then we could have had a fiasco! If I were in my own clothes, I would have jumped into that mud and gone for it.  
I want to slip into a blanket of warm air and stare at the sky lately. I really missed the freedom of having just myself and my thoughts. I appreciated having that time today.  Elya and Daddy are bonding so close. She loves him just as much as she loves me and those 'boobalines'.
 Ahahahha did I make you uncomfortable?
"Hey! It's life people...move forward and don't look. I use a blanket."
I think it's funny to make those uncomfortable because it's the natural way of life you hypocritical hippies.
maybe we'll meet in the astral world.
peace & love always

Friday, January 6, 2012

flashback baby...

“Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.” -George Bernard Shaw 

*~::... Here's to the New Year..::~*
I am dismissing all those who want to be negative in my life, or bring negativity into my life. Then I am replacing it with cupcakes, cats, dinner parties, friendships, and more love! 
(only to name a few...)