Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend Yo!

      Merry Late Christmas Post!

Dear Elya,
Good morning sweets :) I apologize for my Christmas letter not being written on or after the day of Christmas. Our Christmas weekend started at the employee party for Dada. That started at seven and we didn't leave until around twelve. Kind of early, but not when there's a lil' bunny actin' fussy. You were NOT a happy girl around all those unfamiliar faces....so Mimi took you home...and we came a few hours later...

December 24th, Christmas Eve, we all had a good day and went to my aunties house for dinner and white elephant. I won a rope on a soap and Dada took your grandpa's oil and vinegar dispensers. HA!
December 25th we had a wonderful x-mas morning with your Mimi and Auntie Stef . They got you the CUTEST pair of baby Tom's and an oh-so-precious-please-don't-ever-take-off kitten hat. Everyone spoiled you, and I kind of felt spoiled too! It was such a peaceful morning with the fire going, and big bird on top of the tree....
Christmas night we went over to Gma Toni's. We finally got to see your cousin James again for the third time, since he has been born!!! You gave him a sweet little kiss when your Auntie was holding both of you. To bad you two won't be able to grow together as we planned, but Dada and I do plan on giving you a brother or sissy one day when that time is right. Trust me. I was an only child. YOU NEED a sibling to connect with in life.
So I know you are a precious baby, but when you read these you will be a bit older, so I'll explain a little about what today is. Today is Wednesday, December 28th, 2011. GOOD RIDDANCE DAY.
The day to get rid of ALL of the guilt, grudges, and sadness from the past year. You give it all up and do not worry about it ever again.Give up the grudges and move on! I wish some people would be able to do that. Did you know it takes more energy to be rude and mean, and to hold grudges, than it does to just smile your pain and anger away and move on? Your heart will be more at peace and feel a lot lighter when you just let go. So good riddance 2011! You know what I am moving on from... :)
We will have a wonderful day today! I will post your broccoli extravaganza soon. You get crazy with that stuff bunny. :) I love you.

Sweet Kisses,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lil' Bunny foo foo, oh how I just adore you...

Hi lil' bunny!

So yesterday you pulled yourself up for the first time!!!!!!!! You can crawl all over the place. You are such a quick learner baby girl! I believe you are growing way too fast for your own good! You absolutely love eating broccoli and squash now. Look how much you enjoyed that squash!!! HAHAHAHA! I don't have pictures uploaded yet, (I will in your next letter), of you eating broccoli. I think broccoli is coming in on top (^_^) You love squash, carrots and bananas, but when you tasted broccoli for the first time, your eyes lit up! Buuuut, it wasn't the same old nasty boiled veggie either. You loved it because I roasted them first and then boiled them to get the soft consistency. Yup. Total success. You have yet to turn your head away from mama's cookin', but I do wonder what food will be the one to get your taste buds frowning...

Tonight Dada and I are going to get a tree for you. We apologize for it being kind of late, and not having tons to decorate with...(we had a ton more Halloween decorations than x-mas...), but you sure enjoy the string of lights we put up! ..and the presents you have by the fireplace. Hahahah, I know you'll be having a great time ripping open your gifts this Christmas.

We love you dearly lovie and can't wait to see how you react to our tree tonight!


Love Always and Forever,
 Mama and Dada

Elya's Broccoli Recipe:

Take a small head of broccoli. Clean it.
1.) Chop it up into small little pieces. Slather with Olive Oil
2.) Roast @ 350* for 10-15 min. Maybe less or more time depending on how big or small the pieces are.
3.) Remove from oven and tranfer into boiling water. Boil the roasted/chopped stalks and broccoli heads. 4. ) Strain the broccoli in a colinder and thhen transfer to a baby food processor, or baby mill.

 Elya's Favorite Squash:

Take your squash. Clean it. Peel it.
1.) Cut your squash into small pieces. i like to cut my into rounds.
2.) Slather in Olive Oil, and tranfer to a cookie sheet lined with foil.
3.) Roast your squash ay 350* until it is super soft. If it is cooking too fast, lower your heat and cook slowly.
4.) You can take them out when they have a nice roasted look to them.
5.) Transfer to baby food processor.
6.) You can add a little veggie broth to the mix, or just plain filtered water/breast milk/formula/cereals to
     achieve the right texture your baby enjoys.
You now have simple, homemade baby food!

(Recommended for babies six months and older. Ask your doctor first if you have never fed your baby solids)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dearest Baby,
Oh my gosh, look at you! Hahahaha!! Amy gave you a bite of her pop and you demolished it!! You were so good at Katelyn's housewarming party this past Saturday.
I know by seven months I can start making you mango pops, but I think it is time now. I love how you always want something cold. It's super cozy inside from it being so warm from the fire, and your teeth hurt, so I see why it calms you lovie.
In this beautiful moment (present time, not picture time), you are walking around like a toddler in your walker. We need you get you a bouncer, or just a trampoline, because by the looks of it, you'll be walking before we know it. May I mention your dancing skills are stellar and on point with the beat every time I play music? You are a wonder child.

Love you always & forever my flower princess



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Mama in Color

Tee is DIY from my father. Skirt is my cousin Annie's from H&M. Boots are Dr. Martens.
Photo Credit: Max Martinez (my beloved cousin)

I absolutely dig this shirt. My father made it for my mother back in '87. Her face graces the tee. I find myself throwing this on when I have nothing else to wear. Pajamas? I throw it on. Going grocery shopping? I throw it on with my leggings and boots and I'm out. I'll wear it over a dress, or with shorts..it doesn't matter. People always ask where I bought it, and I'm lucky to say it's one of a kind. I am utterly inspired by this piece lately. My favorite thing about it are the vibrant colors after all these years.


The past couple days...

Dear Elya,

Hello little lady. Today I wanted to catch up because Mama has been M.I.A lately. Our computer broke lovie! Believe mama when I say I have been craving to post more pictures of you and FOR you.
Recently you started eating more solids, and the other day I tried something awesome.
Your mama is going to get you to be a super eater and I think we are well on our way...

Love Mama.

P.S. It's really hard for me to change that diaper of yours lately. You just have so much control over those muscles its ridiculous!! You try to even pull yourself up if you are close to something to hold onto. Mama may have a lil' dancer on her hands...



.::::Leek and Potato Puree::::.

I peeled and chopped up four small russet potatoes and boiled them. In a small pan I cooked the leeks in butter for about seven minutes until tender. (I had to look online for a leek recipe because this was indeed MY first time trying a leek!) I wasn't too sure how to cook the leeks from the Annabel Karmel recipe.

After the leeks and potatoes were ready, I put the leeks into the potatoes and drained the remaining liquid into the potatoes as well. I then pureed the mixture in her Annabel Karmel Mill. I also received a couple recipe cards in which the leek/potato/and pee puree was included. I left out the peas because I didn't have any at the time.Super rad. Super simple. If you are a mama who is into making your own baby food, you should definitely check out the Annabel Karmel website.

Elya was so interested in her first bite. I don't think she knew what to think!
After taking a few bites she absolutely made this into her favorite meal. The other night I mixed it with her roasted carrot puree I made.

I prepare all of this ahead of time and freeze my food. I take out what I want to feed her the night before and place it into the fridge so it can thaw for lunch and dinner. To heat up the food I place it on the stove and double boil it until warm. We don't have a micro. We're too cool for that.
Plus, Kyle and I don't want to let radiation into our home.

..:::: BOMB DIGGITY! ::::..


As for me lately, I have been focusing on my art. I am opening up my own shop on Etsy where I plan on selling the doo dads I make. I really do not want to get into detail about what is up and coming, but let me just say its going to be stellar. Everything is still in the making, but I do have a couple pieces up for sale here.

I feel myself feeling a bit lethargic lately and do not feel like putting any make-up on or even dressing up. I apologize for not doing any posts like that but I soon promise my wardrobe will be up to date soon. I mean, I could post my awesome "not-giving-a-*&$%-hippie-homeless" outfits I practically live in from day to day.

Don't judge. I am comfortable and cool. I am warm in my long skirts, tights and multi-colored, psychedelic patterns. I guess I can show you...but then my blog would be a mix of baby advice from myself as a new mama, my fashion sense and letters to Elya all wrapped up into one giant hairball. I can dig it.


Until next time,

Peace and Kisses



Monday, December 5, 2011

Frozen In Time

Temperatures dropped into the thirties last night. My boyfriend Kyle, (my LOVER, and BEAUTIFUL FATHER of our child), had to bring his Bonsai trees and our Goji plant inside. >^..^<
We started a fire after making dinner and just cuddled. Elya is so awesome. She can entertain herself for   short bits of time, so it makes a good balance for babe and I to chill out once and awhile. 

Since I am so stuck on the fact that I'm freezing my butt off right now, I feel the need to warm up with some pilates by the fire. I have not danced in years and I hear the 'tick tick ticking' in my mind. I do ballet around the house, but it's not the same as being in the studio. I promise to myself, right now, that I will submerse myself in the pool of my passions. I will:

(1) start dancing in a studio again
(2) not promise empty promises to myself
(3) get over my fear of open mic and do it already
(4) take more pictures
(5) release all negative my body has collected over the years, through soft stretches to my favorite music

I feel like now that I have a daughter, I have to now balance the 'me' time I cherish so greatly.


Like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I have a short video of how to help teething in fussy babies. This is fun, and super sweet for baby. They will absolutely go bananas for this. And they will. Literally. You can use any type of puree mixture you choose, but fruits are favorite for Elya.

I'm super obsessed with everything natural, and going the "fresh" route, so I hope some of my ideas and ideas that I have discovered from others, will help! 
(Recommended for babies 6 months and older)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

More from Danielle Lacey

(Top Picture Wardrobe includes a dress by Maeve 'she who is beautiful',  faux fur vest borrowed from Dani, shoes from Forever 21. Lower picture Wardrobe consists of a long quilted skirt by Made From the Earth, and black tank, H&M)

Dani was very nice to take pictures in a couple different outfits! I decided not to really stress too much about my wardrobe. My cousin Annie let me borrow her dress and eventually let me keep it :) Gotta love good ol' hand me down from the ones you love! Especially it's an 'Ariel', sweatshirt!


Okay until later.

.::peace & smiles:;.