Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lil' Bunny foo foo, oh how I just adore you...

Hi lil' bunny!

So yesterday you pulled yourself up for the first time!!!!!!!! You can crawl all over the place. You are such a quick learner baby girl! I believe you are growing way too fast for your own good! You absolutely love eating broccoli and squash now. Look how much you enjoyed that squash!!! HAHAHAHA! I don't have pictures uploaded yet, (I will in your next letter), of you eating broccoli. I think broccoli is coming in on top (^_^) You love squash, carrots and bananas, but when you tasted broccoli for the first time, your eyes lit up! Buuuut, it wasn't the same old nasty boiled veggie either. You loved it because I roasted them first and then boiled them to get the soft consistency. Yup. Total success. You have yet to turn your head away from mama's cookin', but I do wonder what food will be the one to get your taste buds frowning...

Tonight Dada and I are going to get a tree for you. We apologize for it being kind of late, and not having tons to decorate with...(we had a ton more Halloween decorations than x-mas...), but you sure enjoy the string of lights we put up! ..and the presents you have by the fireplace. Hahahah, I know you'll be having a great time ripping open your gifts this Christmas.

We love you dearly lovie and can't wait to see how you react to our tree tonight!


Love Always and Forever,
 Mama and Dada

Elya's Broccoli Recipe:

Take a small head of broccoli. Clean it.
1.) Chop it up into small little pieces. Slather with Olive Oil
2.) Roast @ 350* for 10-15 min. Maybe less or more time depending on how big or small the pieces are.
3.) Remove from oven and tranfer into boiling water. Boil the roasted/chopped stalks and broccoli heads. 4. ) Strain the broccoli in a colinder and thhen transfer to a baby food processor, or baby mill.

 Elya's Favorite Squash:

Take your squash. Clean it. Peel it.
1.) Cut your squash into small pieces. i like to cut my into rounds.
2.) Slather in Olive Oil, and tranfer to a cookie sheet lined with foil.
3.) Roast your squash ay 350* until it is super soft. If it is cooking too fast, lower your heat and cook slowly.
4.) You can take them out when they have a nice roasted look to them.
5.) Transfer to baby food processor.
6.) You can add a little veggie broth to the mix, or just plain filtered water/breast milk/formula/cereals to
     achieve the right texture your baby enjoys.
You now have simple, homemade baby food!

(Recommended for babies six months and older. Ask your doctor first if you have never fed your baby solids)