Saturday, November 2, 2013

Baby Oatmeal POPS!

My lil' two year old toddy Elya loves anything frozen. Daddy and I are now at the point where we are moving the chairs away because she pushes them to the freezer for treats! I usually make apple sauce chewies, but this time as I was mixing oatmeal for my six month old MaryJane,  and being witty, Kyle gave me a brilliant idea. He suggested to put some chunky banana pieces mixed with some of Elya's oatmeal to enjoy while MaryJane enjoyed hers :-) I added the frozen vanilla soymilk to everything (except MaryJanes) to freeze around the oatmeal and banana. Teething babies need their cold treats!! And toddlers love this nutritional pop!!!!!! I included step by step photos and instructions for all you lovelys who would like to try this (>^:^<) Xo.!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cocoa Cinnamon Honey LipLovie

Warm your pout with my Cinnamon Cocoa Honey Lip Love!!! Perfect for FALL and perfect for those who love a little spice! Made with herbal infused healing oils, raw fair trade Cocoa Butter, and a list of healing ingredients to repair and moisten your luscious lips!! Hehe >^:^< Available on my Etsy! Each balm includes a hand written label & hand sketched drawing during the Holidays! Happy Halloween!!!!!

I'll be posting lip balm recipes soon. Stay tuned my soul sister and brothers!!!



Sunday, October 20, 2013

Calming Chamomile

Utilizing Mother Earth's Treasures! Newly available are tubes of balm, tinted naturally with Alkanet Root, depending on your choosing ;) (What we have here are Chamomile flowers, infused in a blend of oils with the suns solar energy. The medicinal properties produced after eight weeks, promote a balm that that is very healing to your precious pout.) I am working on a warm cocoa cinnamon for fall. Stay tuned for a coupon code when I post the listing!!!! Xo.  Namaste ;)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Solar Infusions

By utilizing mother earths gifts, I have concocted a couple of different herbal blends; solar infused, for over eight weeks!! These magical slaves have strong ,beneficial, & medicinal properties, that will leave your skin (and babies skin of course...) asking for more, and smiling!  Double the rash salve as a night time under eye cream! Treat your cuticles with baby's bum balm as you apply as needed! The uses are endless! These beautiful healing salves will soothe skin ailments and leave skin feeling loved and healed ;)

Made with fine organic fair trade olive oil infused with a healing herbal blend.

Email questions at:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Calming Lavender Honey. Naturally Tinted leaving a lucsious hint of color that helps bring out the natural pigment of your lips. Perfect for dry, chapped, or sunburnt lips.
Summer Special $2 each.
For purchase on my Etsy!

Lavender has relaxing and calming qualities. The many systems of the body can benefit from the use of lavender. Lavender can help ease the pain of headaches and migraines, aid in sleep, and help with depression. When used in beauty products, natural Lavender can treat arthritic, and painful joints.
Stay tuned for more Rainbownectar products made with healing Lavender!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Love Week

Time to revitalize tired, dull, dry skin!
Its almost Valentines Day! You know you want to look sexy on that special night if you're a girl, and want to get the perfect gift for your lady if you're a man!
My scrubs are the perfect gift for anyone with tired dry skin, or just want to wake up their senses with aromatherapy. My Rainbow Nectar scrubs are the perfect addition to any bath, shower or sink accessory. :)
All of my scrubs listed are made naturally and preserved naturally.
Everything is made to order to ensure the best quality and freshness.
Even MEN love the way it makes their feet and hands feel more renewed and much more soft!
Selection Includes but not limited to:
Bay leaf/Eucalyptus
Chamomile Tea
Vanilla/Chamomile Tea
Sweet Orange/Chamomile
Fresh Lavender Vanilla
Vanilla Cinnamon
Cinnamon and Brown Sugar
Vanilla Rose
Lavender Rose
Jasmine Rose
Jasmine Vanilla
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice w/ Almond
Hot Cocoa
Chocolate Mocha
Peppermint Hot Cocoa
Special Mixes
Flower Child
A blend of floral essential oils and fresh flowers for a sweet feeling
Man's Mix
 A mix of awakening, and calming essential oils that will leave your man feeling content and fresh!
"tEa bAg me you sPiCy cInNaMoN sTicK!"
A sexy blend of essential oils, and fresh herbs to make you skin feeling soft, sexy and smooth.
(It might even put you in the mood!) 
Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
A special blend of fresh herbs and essential oils to help make a girl feel her best
Grannie's Breakfast
 A breakfast blend for the perfect start to your day.  
Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Sugar Scrub
Lavender/Vanilla Blend Sugar Scrub w/ Organic Vanilla Bean