Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ipsy for the first time

Thank you very much Ipsy, for the Glam Bag this month! This was my first glam bag and I was really interested in the products that I received, because I had never heard of them before!

I really am interested in using the 'It Cosmetics', " Bye Bye Under Eye". I'm super interested in this product first and foremost because they don't animal test ✌💖 I feel I always have dark under eye circles and puffy eyes so this product I feel will work great for me because it has the collagen and vitamins C&K!! I was also sent the perfect color; neutral/medium! I have some yellow/muted under tones so this should help so much. Thank you so much Ipsy for turning me on to this product! I love it! I will now always have it available with me.

Another super awesome product you sent me was the "Argan Oil, Ultimate Reform" Hair Serum by THEORIE. I am a hair stylist and am always doing crazy changes to my own hair so this was a nice sweet gift I'll keep by my side!😄❤ My favorite is that it is ALL NATURAL Moroccan Argan Oil , Sunflower Seed Oil, plus Keratin. That means I don't have to use it daily. Weekly is great and it will help repair my damaged hair cuticles!!! Making my own natural products, I appreciate everything natural. Except when I'm in the mood for rad makeup looks. I love extreme makeup, but love natural products to keep my skin and hair supple and glowing in case I go makeup free.

The MODEL Co. Lip Laquer in MOROCCO is one of my FAVORITE😍 colors and favorite gloss ever! I never heard of any of these brands, so I thank you immensely, from the bottom of my 💖, for showing me these great products to try.
I love deep purples and browns, mauves and plum colored lipsticks and gloss. I will be purchasing the retail size, but keeping this little gem of a sample locked away in my purse for safe keeping. Its puuuurfect 🐱🐈💚💛💜💕 Anything on my lips that is a beautiful chocolate brown, with a hint of purple tones suits me like fruit suits pie.

The Blush Stick by TrèStique in the color , "Bora Bora Coral" is so adorable! Its perfect for Spring and Summer! 🍑🌸 This stick is the prettiest coral shade I've seen literally since circa 2008 when I found the perfect mix of a sweet peach color lipstick mixed with a light shade of pink. Super perfect for Summer 🌞, bringing me back to the past where the summer sun was all I needed. *nostalgia*

The sample of sexy red polish labeled "Mini Paint Pot" in the cutest little white box by CIATE LONDON, stole my heart because it was too precious looking! I adore this polish and will be using this brand in my future. 👍💅 Since I will be further educating myself with acrylics since graduating Cosmetology school, I'll be researching this product more.

Hands down to whoever the designer of the bag was!!! I'm literally OBSESSED with anything "kawaii" or of wild Japanese decor, and this was absolutely stunning in a spectacular way. I'm obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with this bag. I'll never let it go. It will never be ruined with makeup. It's way too precious! 😄🌼✌😍

Thank You Ipsy!!!💕
I appreciate all of you!💜💛
I love my products!👍👍✌