Monday, May 14, 2012



ROPA 12-NA [Santiago | Cl]
LANDRY [Barcelona | Sp]
DANIEL GIL [Santiago | Cl]
LIMBO FAMILY [Barcelona | Sp]
GEPE [Santiago | Cl]

¨Legitimize our body as a means of transportation¨.




Day by day just wondering about what I should post because posting is really hard for me. I sit at home and do my homework then ponder on all the art supplies I have. I take notice and take time announcing my appreciation for my talent and expression for this life on Earth. I appreciate every tool given to me as if it is the next step towards my inner peace. I am really digging melting my crayons and tying in my wire and making women's hair with it. I like to make my pieces come to life with a 3D aspect. Honestly, I know I have procrastinated to a couple ladies who I am supposed to have sent sketches to. I do want to mention that I have been shot out into space and got lost amongst the stars, for I seriously got lost in this abyss of creativity for awhile and forgot to send them.

I played my singing bowl the other day for my 11 1/2 month old daughter, Elya. She sent me into this crazy meditation watching her eyes soak up the resonating tones. The frequencies we were feeling helped us feel at ease. I realized that her mind is always at this relaxed state. It inspired me and I reminded myself to always keep my inner voice soft and positive. After this realization I have felt a smoother, more vibrant aura surrounding my mind.
Maybe it is because of this transformation I have been experiencing for the past two years, has led me to eat for each one of my chakras to use as natural healing? I honestly can say that focusing on the little beautiful details has led me to a more appreciate attitude toward life.
The Universe has pushed out the energy vampires that have been feasting on my happiness and soul. Everything is becoming more clear to me and I am trusting my instinct more.
With trusting myself, I have dreamt more which now I am having dreams of insight into my higher self, and can actually change the destructive path these vampires want me to take.
When everyone is looking at your soul on shrooms, LSD, ayuhuasca; they're looking at your soul, not your shoes, jewelery or hair. Be creative and be different. Do what feels right to you without being afraid of judgement. I want to go naked and for it to be respected as a spiritual vessel instead of a body that triggers the mind of slimy porno rat. The mind, body and soul is connected and all I want to say is that.


I posted this video and couple pictures to represent the Fashion in Spain. I am proud of who I am and want to express my appreciation for all of the history and people loving each other that has led me to be born & create this post. (These masks are super cool/scary at the same time. I wanna wear one out to dinner in a really expensive restaurant, with a skin toned maxi dress. Maybe just order a water....)

Ha ha

peace & love for all you humans and aliens out there.

remember that "art lasts, life does not"