Tuesday, July 24, 2012

crazy cats and somersaults

I found my Pokemon cards. I also found my sailor moon puzzle. I would say I ordered then via Ebay as a child, because Todd and I were obsessed. I still am. I plan to buy some puzzle glue, then you know whats up- :D

Among the usual~things have been GREAT lately. I want to say, cleansing my home, meditation, saging myself, aerial yoga and listening to bin aural beats has really helped me calm myself. Yea I said it. It helps me stay c.a.l.m. I do not yell anymore. I don't care if I have not yelled for two days. My rage is flipping over into a blank sheet of ribbon light, floating around collecting colors, folding and molding it into a beautiful form of happiness. A shape that I cannot describe. These past three years have been too intense and I am floating away now~~* All I'm sending is love to you and if you cannot handle it try to accept it. But...

The people whom I have evicted from my life still linger, but do not go noticed by me anymore. Have any one of you ever had to rid a toxic person or (people) out of your life? I am a simple person. I am a happy person. But I do believe that some people trigger others on purpose, then play the blame game. Some of those who I have encountered these experiences with, I have labeled as "toxic"in my personal life. I honestly feel a lot lighter, and a whole mess of insecurity, doubt, depression, and anger has been lifted from my shoulders. I am a warrior.I was sent to be loving and to appreciate and honor the little things people pass over everyday, every minute, and every second. Knowing that within myself does not make me vain or selfish. I am just aware. I am aware that I  must not let the demon of fear and anger stop me from shining my light. I am not letting those energy vampires attack me anymore. The people who show a part of them they only want me to see, then behind my back rape me with words and destructive actions can jump into one of the imaginary bubbles I am blowing and float away as well. "We all float on alright..."-that song ya? 'Loves about that' Modest Mouse :)

I have been dreaming very intense, vivid dreams. None that are traumatic. I dream about all sorts of different things, places, people, entities... I try to draw them. If I remember, I try to take the time to actually keep a journal of my dreams- most of them are scattered on bits and pieces of paper then sorted through my journals. When I look back on past dreams, even if it does not have a date, the intense detail can bring me back to the emotion, place/time and awareness I experienced.
I would love to explain the dream of me with those who love me, swimming on a different planet, watching Earth's reflection on the rocks. The planet I go to in these dreams, has rocks that are reflective like water. The water is a VERY light blue and has a sparkle I cannot explain. Bodies are not like the physical form here on Earth in our waking moments. When I practiced Reiki more, I remember dreaming more and actually lucid dreaming.

I hope that everyone who is reading this has a wonderful day and or night. Depends on where you are. I hope that you nourish yourself and thank yourself for being you because like I have learned the hard way- you cannot force anyone to like or love you- just be you and the rest will follow~ :)
Oh and send love and hugs to those ::haters::!! Thank them for creating balance!!!

Here are a couple pictures from Aerial Yoga:
The others are for fun~~*

you know you love my awesome pants

snowmen in the summer

blast OFF!

Betcha didn't notice that beautiful Golden Spiral~ :) did ya?

Stay Cool