Sunday, November 28, 2010

Robert & Blake.

Sooo glad to finally get out and dance a little. My drink of the night was a Shirley Temple. ::smiles::
Robert was in town visiting from L.A, and Blake, New York. Gia took the pic, while Shane was mingling. Happy to still have friends around from six years ago. The fun times have never ended, since we've all parted. This was Roberts favorite picture. Even though it is hazy, I pretty much love it too.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am thankful for them.

Giana and Shane. My soul sister, and soul brother. Two of my favorite people in the world. They love each other, and I love them. When you can say that you've hung on to two of the most beautiful people in your life for about nine years, what more can you say.
Molly Dolly. You set my heart free. I am loving you always and forever. You are my sister forever.
Rainbow Warriors Unite. Strange Famous forever space cat. 

Love Love Lovin' you all more than the universe.

And to the father of my child to be, Mr. Kyle Pounder. The best man a women could ever ask for.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Belly Bump

I felt the symptoms, had the cravings. Took a look at the little stick, and my life is now changed. This explains the delay on my posts. I guess I'll now be documenting the adventures I partake in. I am on the roller coaster of a new found experience. I feel I'll be having a beautiful baby girl, but we'll have to wait 30 more weeks to find out ((^_*)).

Peace, Love and Light.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


(Wearing beautiful, gifted handmade scarf from Mexico & Knitted DKNY dress)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SleepWalker LA

Vintage Southwestern Blanket Jacket
Vintage Sheer Purple BOHO Robe
Vintage Psychadelic Flower Print Top
Vinateg Southwestern Zip-Up Sweater/Jacket

I was  bored and wanted to hurry and take pics so I posted these pieces that Sleepwalker LA sent me in the past few weeks. (bad picture quality...) I absolutely love all these pieces and still have a couple more pictures to upload. (I apologize for the bad quality, Im still in the process of looking for my camera charger...) 
anyway... totally appreciate Sleepwalker for finding these!!!
Stay tuned for more pictures in the Vintage Sheer Watercolor Print Robe/Cartigan they also sent me. I plan to find a beautiful field with the sunset in the backround for that piece.
Lately I've been really busy getting everything together for this blog. I plan to post a lot of my art projects, and fashion finds I find thrifting. Blogging with a twist ;)
I'll have home made tie-dye crop tees for people to purchase along with my art, and thrift finds. I'll keep you updated with a link to my Etsy. ;)

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