Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SleepWalker LA

Vintage Southwestern Blanket Jacket
Vintage Sheer Purple BOHO Robe
Vintage Psychadelic Flower Print Top
Vinateg Southwestern Zip-Up Sweater/Jacket

I was  bored and wanted to hurry and take pics so I posted these pieces that Sleepwalker LA sent me in the past few weeks. (bad picture quality...) I absolutely love all these pieces and still have a couple more pictures to upload. (I apologize for the bad quality, Im still in the process of looking for my camera charger...) 
anyway... totally appreciate Sleepwalker for finding these!!!
Stay tuned for more pictures in the Vintage Sheer Watercolor Print Robe/Cartigan they also sent me. I plan to find a beautiful field with the sunset in the backround for that piece.
Lately I've been really busy getting everything together for this blog. I plan to post a lot of my art projects, and fashion finds I find thrifting. Blogging with a twist ;)
I'll have home made tie-dye crop tees for people to purchase along with my art, and thrift finds. I'll keep you updated with a link to my Etsy. ;)

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