Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your First Camping Trip.

Dear Baby,

This is your fourth adventure! This time with Daddy, Mimi, Uncle Steven, Auntie Stefanie, Amy, Ryan and friends...We went camping on August 27-28th :) You did so well and loved the trees. It was kind of too young to take a child camping, in my opinion. Even though you did well,  it was difficult sleeping together on an air mattress. Daddy kept us warm because he is a snuggle bear, so that was not a problem... :) I think I will wait until my child is at least one year old before I take them camping again. I really did not like all the second hand smoke from the fire anyway...

I think you loved the woods, and will love nature as you grow.
You already adore animals :)

Love You Sweets,


San Diego

Dearest Elya,

On August 7th, 2011 we took your third trip to San Diego!! This time Daddy went, and this turned out to be HIS first trip with YOU! We drove the longest way possible, and again, you are amazing on the road. I had to stop a couple times to nurse you. You never threw a fit and always stayed so HAPPY!
Did I forget to mention that everyone aways says, "Oh my gosh, your baby girl is so extremely happy!" Yes, yes it is so true, baby girl, you are always positive :)

Grammy and G-Pa went with us on the ride, but they rode in another car. When we finally arrived in SD, you were able to meet all of my family on you Grammies side! A lot of surfers and cool people! Everyone is so down to earth, you will love going to our Annual Flakoll Family Picnic every year :) YAY!
You met your cousin Bailey too! You and her will have so much fun by the beach in these years to come :)

I Love You Sweetie
Love Always,


Dear Elya,

On July 18th, Mimi and I took you on your second trip. We visited Yosemite!! It was such a beautiful day! You can tell you were in awe by the look in your eye. I loved this day, and I will always cherish it in my heart forever. Mimi and I bought some flat agate cuttings from the gift shop, which I am making into a necklace for you to wear later.
I Love You!!! xoxox

Oh baby baby!

Dear Elya,

As you grew into a healthy, one month old baby, you had a couple adventures :) Around July 12th, 2011, Giana and I took you to meet her brother Drew, in Santa Cruz :) That was your first trip!!! It was too windy and cold to take you down by the beach, but we still snapped a picture with the water behind us. I love you! You are an awesome traveler! We had such a blast baby girl ;)
Here are a couple pictures:

You're already a lil' flower child~*

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Baby Girl Enters This World Flawless

Elya Marie Pounder
Born Tuesday, May 31, 2011 @ 2:18p
7 lbs 8 oz 21 1/4 in
Room 631
Saint Agnes Hospital, Fresno, CA

Dear Baby Girl,

I am writing you this letter six months later after your birth. I am writing to you so you will know the story of your arrival onto Earth :) You finally arrived on May 31st!! I love and adore you so much!
I was so afraid the night before my induction on May30th.  It was an extreme fear of the unknown baby! Momma, or (ney-ney, as you call me right now) went through such an amazing experience with you!
Dorothy helped deliver you, and Dr. Miramontes delivered you. Daddy watched you and helped me out with my pain. He helped me push and helped me concentrate on your arrival :)  I saw you crowning through the reflection in the picture because Daddy told Dr. to show Mama! I was so scared to look, but when I saw you, I could not describe the words and the feelings that overcame me!!! I pushed and pushed and pushed and finally Daddy told me you were a GIRL!!!!!! I knew had I felt your essence of femininity the whole entire time! :) .::smiles forever::.
You are my baby girl Elya Marie Pounder.

The whole time I was pregnant everyone thought you may be a boy! I even took funny little wives-tale tests to see who might be growing. Stefanie even wrote us a funny little card that was for a baby boy. Your Mimi was the only one who knew, and let me tell you; That woman can keep a secret!  Our connection was raw and real. I knew you were a baby girl. We are mother and daughter forever and ever and ever.

I am glad you entered safe and beautiful. Our flawless lil' bunny!!
Daddy and I love you Baby Girl ♥

Love Always,
Mama (Ney-ney)

I really cannot explain this day in words. My whole body was vibrating with love and emotion for this little child brought into this world. I was in awe when our eyes met. I saw love and patience. I am in love with our new baby girl Elya. I can't wait to show the development throughout other posts! She is already at twenty-four weeks old and LOVES TO EAT! More to come soon...

peace and smiles

Here I Am Ten Months Later!

Ah Ha! And so she was born. I had a beautiful HEALTHY baby girl born May 31, 2011. The special details are for me and daddy, but I did want to include this letter for Elya. I will be starting from the very beginning...

Dear Baby,

I found out you were inside of me in September 2010. I adored you the moment I could feel your presence. I appreciate you getting ready for the world and picking me to be your mommy! I will forever cherish you. Even though I do not know if you are a boy or a girl, I truly feel that you are a beautiful baby girl flourishing into the amazing spirit you are! Daddy and I can't wait to meet you little one! You will be a little bunny, just like Mama. WE LOVE YOU!

Love Yours Truly,

And so it began...our beautiful adventure with our new little pal...