Wednesday, November 30, 2011

San Diego

Dearest Elya,

On August 7th, 2011 we took your third trip to San Diego!! This time Daddy went, and this turned out to be HIS first trip with YOU! We drove the longest way possible, and again, you are amazing on the road. I had to stop a couple times to nurse you. You never threw a fit and always stayed so HAPPY!
Did I forget to mention that everyone aways says, "Oh my gosh, your baby girl is so extremely happy!" Yes, yes it is so true, baby girl, you are always positive :)

Grammy and G-Pa went with us on the ride, but they rode in another car. When we finally arrived in SD, you were able to meet all of my family on you Grammies side! A lot of surfers and cool people! Everyone is so down to earth, you will love going to our Annual Flakoll Family Picnic every year :) YAY!
You met your cousin Bailey too! You and her will have so much fun by the beach in these years to come :)

I Love You Sweetie
Love Always,