Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dearest Baby,
Oh my gosh, look at you! Hahahaha!! Amy gave you a bite of her pop and you demolished it!! You were so good at Katelyn's housewarming party this past Saturday.
I know by seven months I can start making you mango pops, but I think it is time now. I love how you always want something cold. It's super cozy inside from it being so warm from the fire, and your teeth hurt, so I see why it calms you lovie.
In this beautiful moment (present time, not picture time), you are walking around like a toddler in your walker. We need you get you a bouncer, or just a trampoline, because by the looks of it, you'll be walking before we know it. May I mention your dancing skills are stellar and on point with the beat every time I play music? You are a wonder child.

Love you always & forever my flower princess