Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend Yo!

      Merry Late Christmas Post!

Dear Elya,
Good morning sweets :) I apologize for my Christmas letter not being written on or after the day of Christmas. Our Christmas weekend started at the employee party for Dada. That started at seven and we didn't leave until around twelve. Kind of early, but not when there's a lil' bunny actin' fussy. You were NOT a happy girl around all those unfamiliar faces....so Mimi took you home...and we came a few hours later...

December 24th, Christmas Eve, we all had a good day and went to my aunties house for dinner and white elephant. I won a rope on a soap and Dada took your grandpa's oil and vinegar dispensers. HA!
December 25th we had a wonderful x-mas morning with your Mimi and Auntie Stef . They got you the CUTEST pair of baby Tom's and an oh-so-precious-please-don't-ever-take-off kitten hat. Everyone spoiled you, and I kind of felt spoiled too! It was such a peaceful morning with the fire going, and big bird on top of the tree....
Christmas night we went over to Gma Toni's. We finally got to see your cousin James again for the third time, since he has been born!!! You gave him a sweet little kiss when your Auntie was holding both of you. To bad you two won't be able to grow together as we planned, but Dada and I do plan on giving you a brother or sissy one day when that time is right. Trust me. I was an only child. YOU NEED a sibling to connect with in life.
So I know you are a precious baby, but when you read these you will be a bit older, so I'll explain a little about what today is. Today is Wednesday, December 28th, 2011. GOOD RIDDANCE DAY.
The day to get rid of ALL of the guilt, grudges, and sadness from the past year. You give it all up and do not worry about it ever again.Give up the grudges and move on! I wish some people would be able to do that. Did you know it takes more energy to be rude and mean, and to hold grudges, than it does to just smile your pain and anger away and move on? Your heart will be more at peace and feel a lot lighter when you just let go. So good riddance 2011! You know what I am moving on from... :)
We will have a wonderful day today! I will post your broccoli extravaganza soon. You get crazy with that stuff bunny. :) I love you.

Sweet Kisses,