Sunday, January 15, 2012

Glint Shop

(MissVan & Anaoana)

(Salty Milk)


My favorite artist in the whole entire world; Vanessa, a.k.a (Miss Van), has teamed up with Anaoana to create this majestic line of clothing. The pictures above of the Oddities Collection are the garments by Miss van and Anaoana. You can click on this link to enter a totally rad website, where you probably would want to pull out your $$$ and buy something right away. Or you can be the total opposite and hate everything, then I would have to feel sorry for you...

I had an awesome day of sleep with our little bunny today and my lover. When we woke up I went to the grocery to buy some juice for Elya's apple sauce. I'll have to include a post with the recipe! :)
When  I was on my way , I couldn't resist my impulse and had to stop at the thrift store in the same parking lot.
I found an amazing black velvet jumpsuit/overall piece that has sea shell buttons that hold the straps.
It made me all giddy inside...hehe

Peace Always!