Saturday, January 7, 2012

photo diary 1

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Today was awesome. I had another shoot with Danielle Lacey, and channeled my inner child. I'll go to any extreme! Let me just put it that way. Maybe that is why I am the black sheep of my family???
 I also felt like I was slipping back into a trip at one point...
Being touched by the earth makes me want to run away into the wind and breathe in the deep essence of life's spirit. Yeah, my leg was a little bloody, but I didn't mind. Too bad I didn't have the fake blood and fangs, because then we could have had a fiasco! If I were in my own clothes, I would have jumped into that mud and gone for it.  
I want to slip into a blanket of warm air and stare at the sky lately. I really missed the freedom of having just myself and my thoughts. I appreciated having that time today.  Elya and Daddy are bonding so close. She loves him just as much as she loves me and those 'boobalines'.
 Ahahahha did I make you uncomfortable?
"Hey! It's life people...move forward and don't look. I use a blanket."
I think it's funny to make those uncomfortable because it's the natural way of life you hypocritical hippies.
maybe we'll meet in the astral world.
peace & love always