Friday, November 6, 2015

Two Years Since Last POST!!!

I'm baaaaaack.
I've gone to Cosmetology school and graduated since my last blog post.
I dance with fire.
I'll be taking state board soon ...
I have a new obsession with baking and cooking again!
Life is thriving with lessons in this time!!!

Eye have learned a significant amount of what it takes to learn from mistakes, forgive others and myself (ourselves..) and move on.

Eye have learned what people in life who may seem certain to always be there will not. So make sure you stay honest, loyal and true to your loved ones always. We never know what can happen. Make sure WE collectively stay there for others. The circumstances of the ride that we are all on, in this human experience, will dictate who stays in our life and what lessons we need to overcome and learn from.
All the signs are there.
The ride is inevitable, so we have to acknowledge what it is that we want and need.
( ..but only the least of egoic based feelings of thought processes of our needs and wants that live within your psyche; nOT The ego based ones.) Only spend time on non egoic love. Breathe out what it is that no longer serves your highest, truest purpose. Non ego based. This is in service of love for others and the highest self. We are all vibrating at different frequencies everywhere. Do you want your to be highly vibrational and hard to tamper with negative forces?
Get to breathing.
Get to forgiving
Get to the outside air and breathe.
Focus and breathe
Shine your love on those even if you feel shy. Listen to that voice. If you're meant to make eye contact with someone or speak to them for only a moment; it was for a glimmer of time to shine love.

Remember to not take the pain from others onto you seriously. They're only showing you the pain they were shown once in thier life. showing it to you is their desperate plea for help and acceptance. Everyone yearns for acceptance.
Eye accept you sisters and brothers.
Although eye may not accept the negative behavior, eye accept the being lost in pains and yearn to be admired and understood.we break the cycle of pain by not reacting with anger or pain or retaliation. We either compliment the behavior or disagree with it.
Eye am here for you loved ones.

I'll be blogging again and posting about my adventures as a new assistant in an amazing place, helping beautiful people all day.
It is a spiritual blessing.

Thank you for taking your time to soak up the knowledge eye have learned from my experiences these past two years.

Eye want to also give thanks to my best friend in the entire world for being herself; Paris. eYE adore you.
Thank you to Lisa as well for always shining and being herself. My girlfriends are family to me.
All of our friends are just as close as family. Find those who will protect your inner most insecurities and love everything about you without judgement.