Monday, November 16, 2015

Hair Rainbownectar

I came across some VERY inexpensive color at Cosmoprof. I figured I'd do a test on myself to see how well the color turned out.
I used two different brands.
Ion Color Brilliance Bright's in
Cyan & Chartruesse
Beyond The Zone Pro Formula on
Not Do Shy Violet &
Party Time Pink
I started lightening certain pieces of my hair with Paul Mitchell's, DPL and PM 20 vol. Developer.
I then toned with Wella White Lady
I left the toner on for the full max 30 min. for the results I wanted. (A white to violet hue.)
After toning, i rinsed, towel blotted, blow dried, then finger painted the colors (both color brands) on the lightened parts.
I waited 2 hours for the color since I Knew it was a cheap deposit.
I rinsed and ONLY CONDITIONED. I did not shampoo.
I deep conditioned with Joico K-Pak
The results came out a faded, muted and kind of pastel look.
The next day I applied the Ion Brilliant Color Cyan all over the strands I lightened and colored. I put the blue all over the darn strands because I figured since the 'BEYOND THE zONe' sucks, I would use what held. The Cyan. I wasn't too happy with the outcome of the ion neon green (chartreusse) so I mixed a little of the cyan blue again w green and made a turquoise. Slapped that on over the strand with neon green.
I waited again 2 hours for the color.
Rinsed and Only Conditioned again!
I was WAY HAPPIER with the end result!!!
Pictures are from beginning to end.