Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elya! Baby Girl! Little Bunny!

I have not posted any pictures of my precious lil' bunny lately. I thought I would put a few up that I have taken this past week. Elya is growing so fast! She has a cousin James who is 5 months now too! We have not seen his development in person, only in pictures. It sucks when some people keep others out of their lives for selfish, stupid reasons...I wish these two babies can get to know each other!!

In the mean time, our little family is doing so well. We are extremely happy to be parents and to watch our child grow. Kyle is a wonderful father and Elya is a super intelligent, sharing, kind, loving daughter.
We have each other and that is all that matters!!


((((P.S Cheers to reuniting with old friends))))

I was wondering if I should start posting pictures of my outfits?
I feel totally out of the box and want to share the art i wear on my body...

...if only I can bring myself to re-vamp my closet.