Thursday, March 10, 2016

DokiDoki by JapanCrate

I received my first DokiDoki Box today at my doorstep after coming home from a day of errands! 😄😍

I adore everything Japanese pop culture and style. I've always been a fan! Being able to experience all  that is Kawaii in this little box is the cutest thing that ever happened to me in the longest time.

I received To-go Bento boxes with  little anime on them, tiny food cups for sticky rice, space themed food picks that help you pick up small pieces of food rather than to use your hands!  I'm so excited to use these with my kids for holding tiny sandwiches together at tea parties, heh. 😄
I was gifted a keychain made to look like Onigiri, artist series stickers by Kata and Tomo. I also received two Geisha pins so I can keep writing my snail mail to all my lovely girl friends out there! One of my favorite little things was the kawaii bird Mini Note book; so small and lovable 😍
Also in the mix were tiny Kawaii sauce holders, for packed lunches for dressings and sauces without having to worry about spills! It includes a tiny funnel to fill them up. I cried laughing, they're so CUTE.
The coolest and weirdest item that was in the box was the Re-Mint Curry plates which are highly detailed mini meals that even include utensils. Whoa. I blinked twice with confusion. I probably won't end up making this, its too cute!
Other little items that were in the box were the cat paw cookie squishy and the donut squishy, that I can hook to my cell phone when I get a cell phone holder. Kawaii at best!
I'll definitely be investing my money in these crates from now on because it's just so sweet and exciting to get these little doodads. Peace and love DokiDoki crate! You're the bomb!